The future of Textures

We are happy to report that work is now underway to assess the code left by the late Barry Smith, creator of Textures, with a view to making a working copy of Textures available to all those who once purchased Textures 2.2 for Mac OSX.

As things stand at the moment, Textures should be working well in existing installations and be compatible with updates of OSX. However, you will not be able to transfer it to any new computer. This is because on every new machine Textures first attempts to contact the authentication server at the former website of BlueSky, which is no longer available. Our short-term aim is to make Textures functional for registered users even when they move it to a new machine. We shall let you know of the results of our efforts on this page as soon as possible.

Our long-term aim will then be to complete the transition to Cocoa on which Barry was working when he left us, implement support for hyperlinks and the Beamer package, and improve the editor. Once we reach this stage, we deem that Textures will at last be ready for its first full release under Mac OSX.

This is unlikely to happen any time soon. But there are still enough Textures enthusiasts out there to spur us on: despite the above shortcomings and the very difficult current situation, Textures is still the fastest implementation of TeX for the Macintosh that we know of, offers the best synchronicity experience, and has been working robustly with a minimum of adaptations over all existing versions of OSX. For the moment we must ask your patience while we try to revive Textures as outlined, but if it can be achieved we believe your patience will be highly rewarded.

The next announcement here is planned for 1 October, 2014.